Connecting with Nature through Gastronomy and Art

22nd-23rd of May 2024 – Granada, Spain

Course fee: 420 €/participant

Course aims and learning outcomes: 

This workshop provides the experience of delving into the natural cycles of the earth and demonstrating its potential for transformation in relation to art and gastronomy. Connect and become aware of the natural environment, providing participants with tools to carry out a healthy and sustainable diet in a transversal manner, based on links and care from oneself and with the natural environment, with ancient knowledge and cooking techniques. ancient, with the aesthetic beauty of the shapes and textures of raw materials without any intervention. The power of nature in a creative way.

We will learn to recognize aromatic and medicinal herbs, processes of transformation of local products (grazing livestock, production of goat-sheep cheese, wine, honey), cooking workshop over a live fire and making bread from local products, as well as the art of arranging a good table from raw materials collected from the earth and transformed into small pieces of art as a ritual to celebrate the gastronomic encounter.

Thematic field of the training:

• Conscious walking to connect with the natural environment from oneself, becoming part of it.• Distinguish aromatic and medicinal herbs. Applications• Harvesting vegetables and fruits• Local producers/Guided tour + workshop: care and processes in livestock, cheese, wine, honey• Gastronomy: preparation of dishes from local raw materials• Art aesthetics based on the forms of nature for the ritual of sitting at the table 

 Used for the training: English and spanish 

Place and time: Beas de Granada, Granada

22th and 23th may 2024 / From 8.30h to 18.30h

Programme of the training activities:

1st Day / 22-05-2024

8.30h Welcome in Tomatierra- Cocina Salvaje.. Making contact. Program review9:00h Walk consciously through the natural environment to connect and feel the care. Collection of raw materials to make ritual-centerpiece.10.30h Visit Prado Negro goats and sheep / La Vieja Buchaca12.00h Visit La Vieja Buchaca cheese workshop13:00h Visit Félix wine cellars in Beas de Granada14:30h Lunch at Cocina Salvaje by chef Sebastián Ramírez16:30h Creative workshop led by Imbarnatura for ritual-centerpiece making18:30h Farewel 

2nd Day / 23-05-2024

8.30h Welcome in Tomatierra- Wild Kitchen.  Review experiences of the previous day9:00h Live-fire gastronomy workshop. Preparation of bread and menu with local products + local wine tasting13:00h Ritual preparation-centerpiece based on what was prepared the previous day14:30h. Lunch-Tasting food at Cocina Salvaje based on what was prepared in the open-fire gastronomy workshop.17:30h. Evaluation and final closing18:30h End of workshop